Always a popular day on any diver’s calendar, the Mermaids Dive Center International Cleanup day began in 2008 with 176 participants. This year, the number of participants has increased to a record breaking 380 people ranging from non swimmers and snorkelers to divers at all levels.

Cleaning Pattaya Beaches during international cleanup day

Come and Help Us to Clean Our Reefs!

Mermaids International Clean Up Day was an exciting event this year with not 1 but 2 days of cleaning up the Island of Koh Sak.

The main event being held on Saturday 21st September conflicted with scheduled projects at NIST (New International School in Bangkok). The school and students are huge supporters of this project and have been in attendance every year since 2008.

When asked if we could hold an exclusive day for them the weekend prior, Mermaids International Clean Up Day 1 of 2 was born. With 84 Students, Teachers and Mermaids Staff hitting the waters they made a great start of cleaning up the Island. Most of the trash on this day was plastic bottles from the beaches.

Due to the adverse weather conditions leading up to the main event on Saturday 21st September it looked as if the day was going to be cancelled.  We were very lucky to have a break in the weather on the day and just over 200 dedicated divers, snorkelers and the Mermaids Support team registered at Mermaids Jomtien.

Mermaids International Cleanup Day

After a great dive and snorkelers cleaning up the beach, everyone tucked into a nice warm Curry. After the beach photo, we continued on collecting trash; with the most amounts found again – plastic bottles. Styrofoam also was one of the biggest culprits littering the beaches.

After reaching Bali Hai Pier, everyone made their way to The Residence Gardens for the evening dinner and prize giving. Thank you to all our sponsors, without them this day wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks to all Mermaids supporters and groups who joined us, as well as International Schools – Garden St Andrews in Rayong, Regents in Pattaya and RIS and Bangkok Patana in Bangkok for taking part.

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